Wrongful Termination at Law Offices of Juan J. Vera

In the State of California, we have what’s called “At Will” employment.  This means that the employee and employer relationship can be terminated at any time by either side with or without just cause.  However our state laws have created laws to protect the employee from Wrongful  Termination.  The two main categories that an employee can not be terminated is for either Discrimination and Retaliation.

You as an employee cannot be fired due to your age, race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, political affiliation, religion, or national origin.  If you are wrongfully terminated,  this is considered Discrimination.  If you have been terminated due to discrimination, we would like to take your call.  If you are fired for whistleblowing, protesting, or reporting your employer for their own discrimination, sexual harassment, illegal work actions, taking time off, medical leaves, maternity leaves, filing a work comp claim then we want you to call us at Law Offices of Juan J. Vera today.  There are laws to protect employee rights from wrongful termination.  Call us today for a consultation of these rights.


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